So I guess this blog thing is gonna be updated annually? Lets hope not. 

Last weekend(July 6-9), a couple of us tripped out to Mid Ohio Sports Car Course for the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Meet. This was my first time in attendance, so I was a little skeptical, mostly due to the location, but i’m always open to new experiences. So we secured our dirtbikes to our trucks and set out for the 8 hour drive to our dirtbike and camping weekend. 

All in all, it was a great time! I met alot of new faces (shout out to the guys over at Cast & Salvage Garage in Philly) and got a better feel for my bike. My photos don’t do the event justice(mostly cause I was riding, watching races, and taking advantage of some swap meet deals), but you will definitely get an understanding of how two…and three… well just all-wheeled machines can bring so many people together from all over. Enjoy!    

#2: Brothers & More Motos

Okay, so I have good news, more good news, and some pretty sweet findings. So it’s all good news!

First good news is that this is my second series and i’m excited about it! (Woo!)

Second good news is that it is more on the subject of portraits and Motos. Two of my good friends, Ben and Matt W. 

The Sweet Findings are: a) I finally used an Manual 85mm f/1.4 lens that was buried in my camera bag for over a year unused because I thought I couldn’t focus accurately. I was wrong, fortunately. b) I found some editing techniques to add to my growing arsenal, making it easier to show my images exactly how I intended. 


P.S. There is probably two posts for this one series due to amount of images, so keep on scrolling!    

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