Aaron Stathum


So a few years ago, when I started really getting into taking photos, I became drawn to these “modern street photographers” that were taking to the air and photographing out of helicopters. I always thought that was such a dope perspective on a city like New York. Its a place that you can easily get lost in, but it also seems so small from above. Anyway, my friend, B, recently presented me with the idea to take a ride in a chopper, and as much as I wanted to delay this opportunity out of uncertainty, I couldn’t say no. The biggest deterrent wasn’t so much the cost (cheers to Black Friday Sales!) but more so that I didn’t know if i was afraid of heights (spoiler alert- I’m not). But enough words, Ill let the few images do the rest of the talking. And I strongly encourage anyone curious to go for it, as it was AWESOME (but very cold).  

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